You may have stumbled upon my website because you follow me on Instagram, through connecting on LinkedIn, or perhaps we attended a networking event together!

However you got here, WELCOME.

You may or may not already know a little bit about me, but in short: I love making professionals look good and feel even better.

My ultimate goal is to help you find a professional style to suit your lifestyle.

We can all agree that when we wear empowering outfits, our confidence grows and we’re able to make better decisions.

I’ve worked in fashion since the young age of 16 and worked with some of the best brands. My portfolio includes working with men and women as a retail stylist, a fashion show stylist, and as a photoshoot stylist.

I work with seasoned professionals growing into executive roles and with entrepreneurs who are too busy to make fashion a priority.

To sum it up, I work with professionals who want to save time and energy for a task they need to every day: GETTING DRESSED.

Let’s make you look good and feel even better, go here.

Camila Bousquet